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When Lady Cathy decides to punish her slave, she does it while sitting on her ass. She calls him to her and makes him kiss the heel of her boot. She then tells him take her boots off and lay on the floor. She is happy to put her stinky socks in his face, cutting off his breath. When its time for the rest of his punishment, she is happy to take her socks off and press her horrible smelling feet into his face and make him lick the sweat off.

When Luna gets a slave that won't obey her, she has to punish him. She sits down on his chest with all her weight but that doesn't seem to phase him. She is not happy about that. Rather than stop punishing him, she is happy to call her friend BigmommaKat and they sit on him together. That makes a difference. They love hearing him wheeze and struggle for breath. That is how a punishment should sound.

How cruel of this overweight fat Mistress to subject her favorite slave to this kind of punishment. She is so fat and he is so skinny , how can she sit on his face like that. Her full body weight crushing his entire face. He is in so much pain, but this fat Mistress just doesn't care about him. All she cares about is her own personal satisfaction. She enjoys inflicting pain on people, so thats what she does.

Big overweight Mistress has not changed her socks in at least one month. Today is the day she wants to clean her feet. She slowly takes off her stinky shoes. Now she is just sitting on the sofa wearing nothing but nylon pantyhose. Those need to come off too you dumb bitch. How are you going to wash your stinky feet without taking those off? Quickly! Take off those stinky nylons and burn them. Never wear them again.

Sexy BBW Mistress with big round ass is using a slave as her seat cushion. Twisting and turning while rubbing her dirty ass in his face. The slave is in a lot of pain and can take the smell. Her pussy really stinks yet she insists he licks it clean. He does not want to, her pussy makes him want to puke. But he has no choice and starts licking her pussy anyways

Big Princess with dirty feet wants you to worship her every move. She walks around like she owns the place. Even though she is in your flat. Why does this big bitch have such a bad attitude. Does she even take showers. She wants her slave to lick her dirty feet. But why can't she at least clean her feet first. What did the slave do to deserve such a cruel punishment.

Fat Mistress is putting her slave trough a humiliating face sitting session. She is riding his face up and down. Rubbing her wet pussy all over his mouth and nose. The poor guy can barely breath but must continue pleasing his Mistress. Now she demands him to lick her pussy. But how can he do that when she is rubbing her big ass all over his face. What is he? Some kind of sextoy?

Slave did not know what to expect when his Fat Mistress took of her shoes and ordered him on the floor. He is sitting on his knees in front of her when she asks him to start licking her dirty feet. Even her dirty toes need licking. What a disgusting thing to ask from him. The slave is scared of this Fat Mistress and just does what she asks him to. What a cruel world we live in.

Slave is in extreme pain after his Mistress ordered him to lie on the floor so she can sit on his face. Face sitting is not something he is used to or will ever get used to. It hurts so much having this fat bitch sit on you with her full body weight. She rubs her pussy and ass in his face. Did she even wipe her ass this morning? How long has it been since you last showered. What a cruel and unusual punishment

Big Fat Mistress wearing only a bikini is having her way with a female slave. She has bought a new face sitting seat off ebay and can't wait to try it out. She calls over the slave and orders her to sit on the floor. She puts the new face sitting seat on her face and tries it out. The slave can't move and her full body weight is on top of her face. It is impossible for her to breathe but this also makes it hard for her to scream.

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