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After Lady Cathy comes home from a run, she has to cool down. She loves to cool down with her slave. She puts him on her workout bench and sits her ass on his face. When her heartbeat resumes a normal pace, she is happy to take her pants off. She sits her thong split ass back on his face, allowing him to smell her sweat and pain from the run.

When Lola Blaze is ready to punish her slave, she puts him in the punishment room. She puts him in a corner and makes him lay down. She leaves the room and allows him to think. When she comes back, she is in a thong and bra, ready to punish. She sits her ass down on his face, covering it completely. She knows that he can't breathe without breathing her ass smells in. She sits until he learns.

When Lady Cathy comes home from dinner, she enjoys sitting down. Her feet are hurting from her high heels so she takes them off. She puts her new silver seat on her slave and sits down. She sits and puts her feet in his face after stripping off her dress. She just sits there and tells him of her marvelously expensive but boring dinner date. She loves just sitting there until he can't bear it and begs for mercy.

Slaves for BigmommaKat don't last long. She tries not to wear them out but when she can't stop herself any longer, she puts him on her special bench. She strips down to her panties and bra and walks out to him. She sees his fear and she straddles him. She sits on him and wraps her legs around his face so that he can feel all of her weight on him.

When Lady Cathy catches her slave in an area of her home that he isn't supposed to be in, she has no choice but punish him. She calls him to her and she starts to kick him. She kicks his cock and balls. She kicks his stomach. When she puts him on the floor in pain, she starts to stomp his cock and balls, making him cry out for mercy.

Luna is tired of her slave telling her that she is not heavy enough for him. She is tired of him begging for her to smother him with her ass. She proves that she is big enough and that she is more than woman enough to smother him. She puts him on the special bench and sits on his chest. She is happy to sit in his face and cover it with her ass.

After a good work out, Lady Cathy has to lay down. She calls her slave to her workout bench. She has him lay down. As soon as he lays down, she strips down to her lingerie and lays on top of him. She smothers his face in her massive tits and enjoys his struggles for air. She knows that she is heavy so she pulls him up and shoves his face in tits for fun.

When Mystique comes home from work, she loves to relax with a shower and a round of play with her slave. She puts her slave on the floor and she goes to him. She straddles him and drops her ass on his face. She loves doing it. She loves making him smell her freshly washed ass and knocking the air out of him. She loves making him suffer from her frustations.

When bbw Lady Cathy tells her slave to prepare her favorite meal, he fixes the wrong meal. She refuses to eat and calls him to her. She puts him in the punishment mask and lays his head in her lap. When he is sit settled, she is happy to start spitting in his face. She tells him how stupid he is and that he isn't worthy of being her slave as he spits.

When Luna decides to show her power to her slave, he didn't expect what he got. She ordered him to the cushions in the middle of the floor. She told him that he would not be able to take more than one demonstration and he chuckled. She put him on the cushions and dropped her weight heavily on him. He couldn't breathe and almost passed out from the crushing weight and she laughed because she was right.

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