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Emma is a beautiful mistress but one who likes to use this to satisfy her fetish of torturing guys by facesitting on them and then making them smell her dirty ass and choking them with her ass

When it comes to BBW domination, no one can out do Cathy. She loves it and likes to dominate different men. She took this guy and facesat on him and choked him with her ass

These curvy BBW mistresses wanted some good dick and were disgusted when they found that this loser had a tiny one. They made fun of him and sought to punish him for wasting their time

Cathy's slave messed up and did not know he was in hot soup When she came home that day, she slapped him, beat him up and made him lick her dirty boots

Lady Cathy is the queen of BBW domination. She likes to show off her round ass and her thongs and then get down to her torture and domination which involve her enormous weight

This mistress knows that there are people who have a fetish for bbw women and are ready to pay to watch them. So she made videos of herself and posted them online to get cash

When Lola Blaze is ready to punish her slave, she puts him in the punishment room. She puts him in a corner and makes him lay down. She leaves the room and allows him to think. When she comes back, she is in a thong and bra, ready to punish. She sits her ass down on his face, covering it completely. She knows that he can't breathe without breathing her ass smells in. She sits until he learns.

When Anjeliq goes to a shoe store, she expects to find what she wants before it's available to anyone else. When she finds that her shoes have been sold to someone else, she punishes the clerk with her round ass. She forces him to the floor and she sits her ass in his face. This bbw babe doesn't want him to misunderstand why he is being punished and what will happen if he doesn't get her shoes.

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