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Cathy and Cora love torturing slaves together. They like to use their big bodies and round asses to achieve that. They pinned down this slave and trampled him with their bare feet

She did not just want to use her enormous weight to torture him. That would come later. She also wanted to degrade him and she spit on him to achieve that

It does not get worse than when two BBW ladies in Cathy and Cora decide to torture and smother your face and body with their big bodies. This mistress was unfortunate to endure it all

Lady Cathy is the queen of BBW domination. She likes to show off her round ass and her thongs and then get down to her torture and domination which involve her enormous weight

Lady Vampira enjoys nothing better than swimming. But she also enjoys it when she uses her weight to trample, crush and smother a slave under the water

This mistress knows that there are people who have a fetish for bbw women and are ready to pay to watch them. So she made videos of herself and posted them online to get cash

Sandra is a big girl. And she likes to use her weight to punish and torture guys. She wanted to torture this loser so she made him lie down on the bed and then crushed his face with her enormous weight by standing on it

Miss Delphine was paid to punish this slave. She did not spare him and made sure that she inflicted a lot of pain. She used her boots to jump and stomp on his naked body and enjoyed his cries of pain

Mistress Cathy is a BBW dominatrix who likes to intimidate and humiliate her slaves. She likes using her overweight body to facesit and torture guys. She even makes them smell her ass

Miss Jacksons is a cruel mistress. She likes to torture her slave for no reason at all. She enjoys making him lie on the sofa and then crushing his face with her BBW ass. She sometimes farts on him

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