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All articles tagged with "Thong Facesitting"

When Lady Cathy has to punish her slave, she makes it a long event. She has warned him too many times about playing with her. As soon as he comes home from an errand, she calls him to her. She is happy to pull her dress up and put her ass in his face. She makes sure his face is in the crack of her ass with her thong. She strips down, grabs a snack and sits in his face again.

When Anjeliq goes to a shoe store, she expects to find what she wants before it's available to anyone else. When she finds that her shoes have been sold to someone else, she punishes the clerk with her round ass. She forces him to the floor and she sits her ass in his face. This bbw babe doesn't want him to misunderstand why he is being punished and what will happen if he doesn't get her shoes.

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