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All articles tagged with "Spitting"

All Cathy asked for when she came hoe was for a good dinner. Her stupid slave couldn't get that right. Cathy took one bite of the disgusting food and goes straight for the toilet to spit it out. Cathy's slave needs to learn a lesson so she makes him eat the food out of the toilet. He seems to be enjoying it too much so Cathy sits right on his back and pushes his face further into the toilet.

Big Lady Cathy wants you to know exactly how she feels about you. She thinks you're a pathetic worthless loser. She only has one thing that will show you exactly how she spits. She spits a mouthful of spit right onto the camera. She washes it was your face instead of the camera you pathetic bastard. You're barely even worth that in her eyes, but that's all she can give you.

When bbw Lady Cathy tells her slave to prepare her favorite meal, he fixes the wrong meal. She refuses to eat and calls him to her. She puts him in the punishment mask and lays his head in her lap. When he is sit settled, she is happy to start spitting in his face. She tells him how stupid he is and that he isn't worthy of being her slave as he spits.

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