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All articles tagged with "Cruel"

Sandra is an amateur at facesitting and torturing slaves. But she loves it and does it often so that she can become a pro.

Cathy spends long hours doing her job and she gets tired. She likes to relieve herself by using her slave as a foot rest and to get a massage from him through his mouth

When it comes to BBW domination, no one can out do Cathy. She loves it and likes to dominate different men. She took this guy and facesat on him and choked him with her ass

Cathy and Cora were relaxing at home waiting for their slave to come when they started reminiscing on the ways they had tortured their slaves before and the shoes they did it with

These curvy BBW mistresses wanted some good dick and were disgusted when they found that this loser had a tiny one. They made fun of him and sought to punish him for wasting their time

With her enormous weight, she knew that she would do a lot of damage on this slave's face. So she wore her big ass thong and then facesat on the slave and almost choked him

Cathy's slave messed up and did not know he was in hot soup When she came home that day, she slapped him, beat him up and made him lick her dirty boots

This BBW knows that she intimidates a lot of her slaves and she can do whatever it is she wants to them. She decided to spit on this slave and there was nothing he could do about it

Sam walked in on her boyfriend watching porn and she immediately sought to punish him. She stomped and jumped on his body before giving him a few brutal and painful kicks on the face and trampling him

This BBW mistress is cruel. She was not satisfied with just torturing the slave. She wanted to intimidate him to the fullest. She held a gun to him and made him lick her feet and dirty shoes

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